Last week during a boring class I had an idea for a way to turn Org into a war game of sorts.  I had tried a few things before and discarded them because they took attention away from the main focus which is exploring, finding the best routes across the map and setting up efficient networks between the settlements and cities.  Anything the player had to do other than this made the game too hard to play.

The idea I had was that the military side will happen on its own.  You build the infrastructure, and your cities generate armies that go attack other cities, and you don’t control it at all.  It wasn’t difficult to add, and it is neat to watch.  Org is still normally played without military — the military is an experimental thing.


Working with my evolving C# game engine again was a pleasure.  Since Org itself is fun in its own right, and I can’t add much to the gameplay without ruining it, I decided to try doing something new with the engine.  So I’ve copied it again, got the copy in a separate SVN location, and cut out a lot of things leaving me with a stripped down but working game to mess around with.

The graphics engine, data file manager, network code and utilities library make up maybe 2/3 of the code.  From the remaining 1/3 which is the stuff specific to Org, I stripped out the code for constructibles (cities/settlements etc), roads, the AI implementation, and market.  I still have the hex map engine, terrain, random map generator, “players”, moveable objects, pathfinding, and so on.  We’ll see if I come up with anything interesting from this base.

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