Last night I picked up a Finnish war novel.  On page 9:

[For context, Makila is the quartermaster]

    The kind of emergency that would make Makila voluntarily surrender an article of equipment was unlikely ever to arise.  As heir to a big farm in Laihia he often received parcels from home.  These he would furtively carry to the storeroom to avoid having to share them with the other NCOs.  Once, however, the mail arrived so late that Makila had already gone to bed, and a messenger brought a parcel addressed to him to the NCO barracks, creating a most awkward situation for Makila.  He could not very well sneak the parcel away, and to keep it in the barracks meant having to share it.  He temporized by muttering something about sharing it in the morning and hiding the parcel under his pillow.

    In the night a faint sound of rustling paper came from Makila’s bed.  Instantly the light went on and Hietanen’s voice boomed through the room:

    “Let’s go, boys!  Makila’s sharing his parcel.”

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