I’m finally “off of” php.

The new site,, has gone live.  I thought it would be a lot longer.  Early on in rewriting I had had that awful feeling that “I’ve got to redo all that stuff I already did…” which was countered by the knowledge that if I don’t do it now, I’ll never get the chance.  The bulk of it only took three weeks.  I started testing it live early this week, and after a couple days it was obvious the old one wasn’t going to be used again, so I made the official switch where I redirected the old links to the new site and archived the old one.  The migration has gone smoothly, so far 50 people have logged in to the new one.  I kept the old accounts so no one had to re-register — very important as people don’t like registering.  (at least I don’t)

It’s all C#/Javascript now.  The code was faster to write, is much nicer to read… and is shorter.  Because of all this, I’ve done a lot of things that would never have been worth the ugliness in php, but are clean and simple in C#.  The folks using it are happy too, though they won’t know why I didn’t add any of this stuff before.

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