Shogun 2 ACW mod "North & South II"

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Shogun 2 ACW mod "North & South II"

Postby mike1984 » December 30th, 2015, 4:47 pm

Anyone try this? ... =302212954 It's a newish ACW mod for TW Shogun 2. The videos look really nice (just google them) but I wonder about actual battle, like how we always say SOW/GCM isn't pretty, but gets the battle/tactics realism spot-on.

I've never played any of the TW series, so I don't know what that game is like. But Shogun 2 is now less than $8, so for the price of a dozen bagels, I may try it out and get the ACW mod.

If only the prettiness of that game/mod could be combined w/the accuracy of combat in SOW. But I know, most computers would never be able to handle it.

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