Windows 8 changes suggested by SJDI

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Windows 8 changes suggested by SJDI

Postby Jonah » March 4th, 2015, 11:28 pm

Windows 8
The SOW manual talks about having the hardware horsepower to run the game.
I use WIN 8 on a HP (cheap) Lap Top I bought for about $400. (I don’t have a video card, it’s built into my Lap Top)
How I get Windows 8 to run SOW:
Compatibility Mode:
SOW: Runs in WIN XP Service Pack 3
GCM: Runs in WIN XP Service Pack 3
Power Options:
Set to High Performance. (found that the CPU needs to be 2ghz or more)
Graphics Settings:
Turned off unnecessarily high graphics settings.
Turned off antialiasing
Turned off Anisotropic filtering
Free Up Memory & the CPU:
Closed Web browser before starting MP game
Closed Unnecessary programs before starting MP game.
Desktop set to solid color & no sounds
Changed the Performance Options:
Visual Effects “Adjust for best performance”
Advanced “Processor Scheduling Adjust for best performance of: Programs”
Data Execution Prevention “Turn on DEP for essential program and services only”
Disable Unnecessary Services: (Be Careful & can be time consuming)
Someone mentioned using “Auto Runs” to disable unnecessary services. It worked for the obvious services But the other services( I feel are junk) that I disabled were harder to find, try this web page: ... gurations/
Connection Issues:
Set Windows Updater to:
Check for updates but let me chose whether to download and install them.
Close the GCM launcher, when you go to play online. (It checks for updates while you’re in game)
Some do require that you open up for the game. (NORTON: make sure you “allow” SOW & GCM programs not “auto”, also run Norton in silent mode)
Disable All Win 8 Tiles:
Win 8 has a lot of ( I feel are junk ) programs (the tiles) updating themselves over the internet, disabled all of them. To make sure you have all of them turned off go to Task Manager ” App History then reset the history and keep an eye out for apps that weren’t disabled.
My Router:
I use a hard wired connection. (Found wireless causing me to drop)
I have reserved an LAN IP address on my router.
Set the MTU to 1464 from the recommended 1500 (Computer as well), ( Helps with packet fragmentation)
Used SG TCP Optimizer
(Be Careful)
(Helped fine tune connection)
SOW Game Settings:
My Settings( I could lower a few more)
(The Game Manual discusses the game performance with these settings Pg. 46-50)
Uniform Quality: Low
Sprite Ratio: 0 (0 will default to 4 sprites)
Show all dead bodies: unchecked
Display Rife Smoke: checked
Display Artillery Explosions: checked
Hide Flag Icons: unchecked
Show road Path Icons: checked
Display Target List: checked
Percent Tees Showing 10% (I have used the KS settings of 75% and had good luck, I use 10% for GCM games).
Display off map trees: unchecked.
Max Transparent Trees: 80 Yards
Make walls transparent with trees: unchecked
Max Terrain draw distance: Best
Show Map Objects: High
Show Off Map Terrain: unchecked
Max Arty Hit Decals: 20
Max Draw Units Draw Distance: 1000 (You can still see unit flags over 1000)
Max Trees Draw Distance: 1000 (This setting affected the walls draw distance as well???)
Max Objects Draw Distance: 1000
Play Map Sounds: unchecked
Play Marching Music: unchecked
All speeds are at 50.
GCM Mods:
GCM Terrain 4 is optional
GCM Sounds are optional
Mods Other:
Don’t Use Bugles and Flags mod for GCM Games
Bloodbath mod

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